Meet Tamara Ludt

Meet PVN's Tamara Ludt! Learn more about our Director of Research Tamara Ludt's experience, projects and personality. 

1. How long have you been part of the PVN team and what drew you to historic preservation?

I started working with PVN as an architectural historian in March of 2014. I have been acting in my current role as Director of Research since the summer of 2015.

I studied historic preservation in graduate school because I was interested in architectural history and the ways in which the built environment reflects the social, political, and economic concerns and values of the time in which a given building was constructed. During and after graduate school, I was frustrated with the ways in which the National Register of Historic Places can be understood as representing a white, patriarchal narrative of American exceptionalism.  

I was drawn to PVN because one of the company’s core values includes having a broad understanding of heritage—one that honors our struggles as well as our achievements and is passionate about seeing the NRHP—one means of documenting our history through the built environment—diversified through the inclusion of histories of gender, race, sexuality, and labor. I also love that we aren’t afraid to tackle truly distressed properties—buildings that may deter other consulting firms.

2. For the record – how do you pronounce your name?

My first name rhymes with “camera.” My last name is pronounced “loot.”

3. We all enjoy sharing the latest books we have read in our monthly “What We’re Reading” blog post. What genre is your favorite? Can you share a title or two that stick out as good reads? 

When I find an author that I like, I tend to dig in and burn through her/his body of work. Since the new year, I’ve been spending my time with Alan Bradley’s eleven-year old detective, Flavia de Luce.

4. Most of us in the office have pets--a good mix of cat and dog lovers. Do you have pets of your own?

I have one dog, Truman, and one cat, Abner. My husband and I live on a hobby farm with sixteen chickens (Minnie, Cora, Poppy, Vera Charles, Dot, Holly, Mamie, Harriet, Evelyn, Nellie, Ilsa, Violet, Doris, Fern, Francis and my beloved rooster Little Bird). We also keep bees.

5. What’s your favorite place/space in Minnesota?

I love the Anoka State Hospital complex and the Ramsey and Washington County Poor Farms. But, my very favorite space, and I had to fight Casie Radford to make this claim, is the 4th floor women’s restroom in the Minneapolis Dayton’s/Macy’s. I grew up in Kohler, Wisconsin, and have a strong love for old bathroom fixtures.

6. What is something about you that not everyone knows?

I listen to Christmas music year round—it never fails to put me in a great mood!

7. What educational background and credentials to you bring to PVN?

I hold a BA in history and English literature from St. Kate’s and an MS in Heritage Preservation and Conservation from the University of Minnesota. I have received Section 106 training from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and I meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Qualification Standards in History and Architectural History.

At PVN, Tamara works with our clients on Historic Tax Credit Applications, Section 106 Reviews, National Register Nominations and Historical Research. Contact Tamara at or 612.843.4140.