Meet Hollie Batinich

1. How long have you been part of the PVN team and what drew you to historic preservation?

I started working with PVN this past January as a Preservation Intern and Administrative Assistant. I first discovered my love for preservation while interning in New York City. When I returned to Minneapolis, I changed my major from interior design to a self-designed major where I studied architecture, housing and community development, and business with an emphasis in historic preservation. I was fascinated with the ways the built environment reflects the social, political, and economic trends and values of the time a given structure was constructed. I became even more fascinated with the challenges historic preservation faces in a world of global economic development and saw an opportunity to do something I love. 

2. For the record – how do you pronounce your name?

My last name is pronounced “baut-i-nich”.

3. We all enjoy sharing the latest books we have read in our monthly “What We’re Reading” blog post. Can you share a title or two that stick out as good reads?  

Right now I am reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tart. I listen to podcasts on a regular basis. My two favorites are 99% Invisible, and Serial.

4. Most of us in the office have pets--a good mix of cat and dog lovers. Do you have pets of your own?

No pets right now, but definitely a dog or two in the future!

5. What’s your favorite place/space in Minnesota?  

I am from Utah originally. I’ll admit that I still have some exploring to do. The Stone Arch Bridge and the Heritage Trail are areas that I frequent often. There are so many stories there, I find it hard not to be inspired.

6. Tell us a little about your education, credentials, and experience.

I hold a BS in Architectural Studies, Housing and Community Development, and Applied Business from the University of Minnesota. I plan to return to school in the next couple of years to complete a Master in either Urban Planning or Architecture.

7. Tell us something about yourself that not everyone knows.

I studied abroad in Italy, Greece and Turkey. I am an avid swimmer and swim every morning. It’s the best part of my day!

At PVN, Hollie works with our team leads and clients on drafting design recommendations and Historic Preservation Certification applications. Contact Hollie at or 612.843.4140.