PVN's New Trademark

PVN was recently granted a trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the proprietary building report produced by our office, the PVN Design Framework™.

What is a PVN Design Framework™ and Why You Need One?

Have you ever struggled to apply the Secretary of the Interior's Standards (Standards) to your building reuse project? The Standards are based on physical materials, but govern the interpretation of abstract ideas and stories of history. History is constructed -- just as our buildings are. Owners, designers, architects, and developers are often challenged to follow the Standards in order to obtain critical financial incentives like historic tax credits and grants.

The PVN Design Framework™ was developed by our office to augment the National Park Service's preservation planning tools. It bridges the gap between historical significance and physical design treatments. The illustrated Framework provides specific guidance with respect to regulatory approvals, design strategies, and historic features and materials.

The report contains:

  1. A description of local, state, and federal preservation regulatory requirements
  2. Identification of existing historic spatial relationships and character-defining features
  3. Discussion of exterior alterations and new construction
  4. Recommendations for design treatments that meet the Standards
  5. Relevant design resources
  6. An illustrated chronology of the building use and changes
  7. Historic photographs, maps, and figures
  8. Photographs of current building conditions

It is intended to be the “go-to guide” for preserving, rehabilitating, revitalizing, or reusing an historic building.  

The mark was published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) on July 25, 2017 under U.S. Serial Number: 87270197. Mike Katz at Coleman Law Firm was instrumental in helping secure the trademark. A couple recent PVN Design Frameworks™ we completed include the Hope Engine Company No. 3 (top) and the Duluth Board of Trade (bottom). 

If you think a PVN Design Framework™ could benefit a building or project you are currently involved with, contact us to learn more.