The Soap Factory Construction Photo Gallery

Project Overview

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The saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait," and the wait is nearly over for the Soap Factory renovation. Meghan Elliott began working with the Soap Factory in 2009 as a Board member and co-chair of the Building Revitalization Task Force to create the strategy and plan for rehabilitating the building. In 2013, PVN worked with the Soap Factory to create an entry area that expanded the program space, created an outdoor event area, and identified a clear entrance to the building. Over $200,000 was invested in building improvements over this time period. More recently, PVN helped secure state and federal historic tax credits to help finance planned redevelopment. And now this past December, PVN was retained as a consultant during the construction phase to ensure all redevelopment work meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The project team also includes:

The Soap Factory anticipates a Spring 2018 reopening. 


The Soap Factory is a non-profit organization established as "a laboratory for artistic experimentation and innovation," and is located in the historic National Purity Soap Factory located by the riverfront in the historic Saint Anthony Falls District of Minneapolis. Stay abreast of construction news and footage on their website.

Construction Progress

  • March 12

    Construction activities completed to date: 

    • Historic steel window rehabilitation is ongoing. 
    • Existing wood flooring on levels two and three has been repaired and refinished. 
    • Electrical and mechanical rough-ins are ongoing. 
    • Floor openings have been cut for new egress stair. 
    • Exterior masonry rehabilitation of the red brick building. 
    • Wall framing at the lower level is ongoing. 
    • Freight elevator has been removed.