Project Overview

Meghan Elliott and her team at PVN have been instrumental in making the Hollywood Theater project happen. They’ve worked with me and the City, neighborhood, state, National Park Service, and project team to phase a challenging historic rehab in an iconic theater building that’s been dark for 30 years. The Hollywood Theater project has been a demonstration of PVN’s expertise, range of services, and leadership in preservation. This project would not have happened without them.
— Andrew Volna, Out of the Past Development, LLC

Location: 2815-2819 Johnson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN

Client: Out of the Past Development, LLC

Constructed: 1934

Project Date: 2012–Present

Project Scope: Redevelopment Project

Stabilization and redevelopment of the Hollywood Theater is a challenge similar to that which plagues many Main Streets and commercial nodes throughout the country. The single screen movie theater has proven to be an increasingly difficult building type to maintain and rehabilitate for a compatible reuse. 

PVN worked with private developer Out of the Past Development, LLC and the City of Minneapolis to implement a strategy for redevelopment by bringing financial resources, building community support, and developing compatible design solutions in order to spur an economically viable project. As a local landmark, the Hollywood Theater is unique in its designation of both the exterior and interior spaces. While local designation provides protection from demolition, and also adds design review requirements, it does not give access to most preservation related funding sources. By demonstrating the building’s eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), PVN added the opportunity for tax-advantaged rehabilitation and other significant grant sources. PVN worked with the developer and the City to engage the neighborhood, as well as city staff and elected officials, so that support for the project could be fostered through communication, presentations, and feedback. Finally, the spatial configuration of a theater, combined with the lack of windows, makes an economically viable reuse difficult. A phased rehabilitation project was developed so that future restoration of the theater is possible, while a creative open office use is planned as an interim use for the main auditorium. PVN provided project management, historic preservation and planning, historical research, National Register nomination, historic tax credit applications, coordination of regulatory reviews, and collaboration with the owner and design team. 

The Hollywood Theater redevelopment is under construction. The first phase of improvements will be complete in 2016. This project illustrates the collaboration, public as well as private support, and diligent planning that is needed to successfully preserve a historically intact neighborhood movie theater. The Hollywood Theater is a demonstration project for the redevelopment of neighborhood icons. 

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