Project Overview

The Minnesota State Capitol Building, designed by prolific architect Cass Gilbert, is currently undergoing its first major building preservation campaign since its construction in 1905. Critical issues included failing and deteriorating exterior components, life safety concerns, antiquated building systems, and inefficient public spaces.

PVN worked with the project architect to provide construction documents for the repair of the roof of the capitol building, including on-site investigation, material condition assessment of historic roofing components, preservation design expertise, and production of construction documents for the roof repair. PVN reviewed existing roof reports and schematic designs before beginning site investigations of current conditions. Following the initial on-site survey, PVN collaborated with HGA to develop design strategy and details, including areas that needed additional investigation to understand existing conditions. PVN also produced roof repair construction documents for integration into the overall construction package.

Historical architects are the core of preservation design services at PVN. Preservation design and specialized expertise drive the solutions for our projects. Our architects work with our design and owner clients, other PVN staff, and project stakeholders to collaboratively develop project strategies and design solutions that meet preservation standards and guidelines, project goals, and address historic materials and conditions of the building. Iconic buildings like the Minnesota Capitol represent the architectural heritage of our state. Excellence in our preservation design ensures the long-term stewardship of these historic assets.