Meghan Elliott wins the 2013 Annual Anne de Fort-Menares Award

Meghan Elliott was awarded the prestigious Anne de Fort-Menares Award for the article "Understanding the 'World's Largest' All-Reinforced-Concrete Office Building," published in the APT Bulletin

The award "recognizes the article that best demonstrates excellence in the application of historical research to preservation practice published in the APT Bulletin." It honors the late Anne de Fort-Menares to recognize her many contributions to the Association for Preservation Technology (APT) and her dedication to historical research.

In "Understanding the 'World's Largest' All-Reinforced-Concrete Office Building," PVN's Meghan Elliott and University of Minnesota Professor Greg Donofrio describe the research process that led to the historic Plymouth Building's eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places and argue the need for systemic changes that would help facilitate research into the significance of engineering and construction history. The original article can be found here: APT Bulletin: Journal of Preservation Technology 44, no 2-3 (2013). 

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