Our innovative process of working across several disciplines connects our analytical and technical skills with our preservation knowledge, relationships, and resources to make historic preservation projects happen. The value of our services stems from our unique integration of applied research with preservation design and real estate development services. Our project and business success is driven by a commitment to research, academic teaching, and scholarship where we actively explore and develop strategies to remove barriers to building reuse. We extend our network to a national level through publications and public speaking.

"More Than Square" Published in STRUCTURE Magazine

Laurel Fritz discusses the history and development of the concrete block, or concrete masonry unit, in the May issue of STRUCTURE magazine. She examines its early application in two Minneapolis examples, including the Hoffman Callan Company Building, one of PVN's documentation projects. Read the article here.

Introducing and Using CRSI's New "Treatise"

Meghan Elliott reviews Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute's (CRSI) A Comprehensive and Invaluable Treatise on all Forms of Steel Reinforcement Employed in the Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete of Long Ago for the September 2014 issue of STRUCTURE Magazine. Download a pdf of the review.




Vintage Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Structures

Meghan Elliott served as a reviewer for the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute's (CRSI) new book Vintage Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Structures. The book explores various reinforcing materials and layouts that were popular during the early 1900s.

CRSI's press release about the new book is available here.







Deconstructing Bridge No. 92297

Ryan Salmon and Meghan Elliott examine two of our favorite topics—engineering history and C.A.P. Turner—tthrough the lens of a recent historic structure documentation project. Their article was published in the February 2014 issue of STRUCTURE Magazine. Download a pdf of the article.


Greg Donofrio and Meghan Elliott win the 2013 annual Anne de Fort-Menares Award

The award "recognizes the article that best demonstrates excellence in the application of historical research to preservation practice published in the APT Bulletin." In Understanding the 'World's Largest' All-Reinforced-Concrete Office Building, Preservation Design Works' Donofrio and Elliott describe the research process that led to the historic Plymouth Building's eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and argue the need for systemic changes that would help facilitate research into the significance of engineering and construction history. APT Bulletin: Journal of Preservation Technology 44, no 2-3 (2013). Read more about the article and the award here.

The Kahn System of Reinforced Concrete: Why It Almost Mattered

Meghan Elliott and Ryan Salmon profile the Kahn System of Reinforced Concrete for STRUCTURE Magazine's recurring Historic Structures feature. The article appears in the April 2013 issue of the magazine. Download a pdf of the article.

Notable Concrete in the Twin Cities

PVN's Meghan Elliott and Ryan Salmon highlight three historic landmarks in Minneapolis constructed from reinforced concrete: the Plymouth Building, the Washburn-Crosby Elevator No. 1, and the Washburn Park Water Tower. Descriptions and photos of these notable structures and others are featured in the March 2013 issue of Concrete International.