Preservation Design Works gains exclusive development rights for Andrew Volna at the Hollywood Theater

On December 11, 2012, the Community Development Committee of the Minneapolis City Council granted Andrew Volna exclusive development rights for the Hollywood Theater and an adjacent lot located at 2815 and 2819 Johnson Street NE, respectively. Preservation Design Works, LLC has been working with Volna on the process of securing development rights from the City. Volna is a lifelong resident of Northeast Minneapolis. He owns Apiary, LLC, a real estate company, and is the founder and president of Noiseland Industries. Volna has plans to rehabilitate the theater by repairing and restoring the historic exterior and lobbies, and adapting other areas for use as a “creative office/commercial space.” In accordance with the guidelines created by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission in 2009, improvements made to the building will be sensitive to remaining historic features, and will not preclude the future use of the building as a theater.

The exclusive rights have been granted for one year. They provide time to conduct due-diligence to determine the feasibility of the rehabilitation plans before potentially purchasing the building. Preservation Design Works will continue to work with Volna through this process.

Ryan Salmon has been writing about the history of the Hollywood Theater and past efforts to reopen it in a series of articles for Preservation Design Work’s blog, the PVN Press.

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