Tamara Ludt quoted in Finance & Commerce

Tamara Ludt is quoted in the recent Finance & Commerce article regarding the historical documentation of the Star Tribune building on Portland Ave prior to demolition. 

From Brian Johnson's article "Demolition of Star Tribune Building Begins": 

"Tamara Ludt, an architectural historian for Minneapolis-based Preservation Design Works, said documentation processes vary, but in the Star Tribune’s case it included photography and histories of the newspaper and the building, among other things. 
The original building was constructed in 1919 and was expanded in the 1940s and 1960s, she said.
“We think it’s valuable when noteworthy buildings are demolished for one reason or another to have a level of documentation like this that tells the story of the building,” she said."

Read the full news article here and learn more about the architecture of the Star Tribune building on our blog. Preservation Design Works conducts historic building documentation to help mitigate the loss of historic resources. Read more about this process here

Photo credits: (top) Daniel Pratt, (bottom) Bill Klotz, Finance & Commerce