La Crosse Armory Listed on the NRHP

The La Crosse Armory has officially been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the Wisconsin Register of Historic Places.  

PVN worked with Metro Plains, LLC to secure listing for the building. From the National Register of Historic Places nomination:

 "The La Crosse Armory, located at 2219 South Avenue in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is locally significant under Criterion A for its 40 year long association with the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Specifically, the building is significant as a reflection of the reorganization of the National Guard after World War I, of the Guard’s increasing importance in the national defense of the country, and of the Guard’s local contribution and presence within the La Crosse community during that time period. The building is associated with regional and national trends in both the development of the National Guard and the establishment of National Guard armories in urban areas across Wisconsin. The National Guard units stationed at the La Crosse Armory served in both World War I (prior to occupying the Armory) and World War II, as well as in numerous other conflicts. The La Crosse Armory was also a significant gathering place for the community in both military and non-military activities, including balls, National Defense programs, food and clothing drives, holiday parcel post, shooting contests, roller-skating, and other recreational activities."
PVN Staff