Meghan Elliott Joins Urban Land Institute’s Redevelopment and Reuse Council

We are thrilled to announce that PVN’s Founding Principal and CEO Meghan Elliott was nominated and recently joined the Urban Land Institute’s Redevelopment and Reuse Council. 

The driving changes of evolving demographics, regulatory constraints, and market forces in land use are making redevelopment and reuse of the existing infrastructure an increasingly important factor in creating new real estate value, producing jobs, creating resilient communities, and promoting resource efficiency. 

“The mission of the Redevelopment and Reuse Council is to explore, across all product types, best practices and lessons learned in disciplines of rehabilitation, green retrofits, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, as well as the redevelopment of brownstones and greyfields.”

Meghan started her professional career in design and construction where she completed work on the seismic retrofit of historic buildings. She started PVN (Preservation Design Works) in 2011 to increase the use of existing and historic sites and structures. The integrated business model at PVN combines research, preservation design, and real estate development services to increase the use of historic buildings.