Michael Bjornberg, FAIA to Serve on the Advisory Committee for the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board

It is our honor and privilege to share that PVN's Director of Design, Michael Bjornberg, FAIA, was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB). Michael will serve as an AIA representative of the board.

Michael is particularly qualified to serve on the board with his extensive familiarity, knowledge, and experience working on the Capitol building. He led the development of a comprehensive Historic Structure Report, PreDesign, and programming effort for the restoration of one of the most-revered state capitol buildings in the United States. The HSR guided the $310,000,000 interior, exterior and site restoration. Michael has been providing services to the State of Minnesota on the Capitol Building continuously since 2005. 

The CAAPB's origins dates back 50 years ago. As quoted from CAAPB website, "the board was first established in 1967, when the Minnesota legislature passed Chapter 15B: Capitol Area Planning and Preservation, setting in place the purpose, structure, role and statutory authority for the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Commission (CAAPC). In 1975 the CAAPC became the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB). The original four point mission still guides the work of CAAPB's twelve member Board, Executive Secretary and staff:

  1. Preserve and enhance the dignity, beauty, and architectural integrity of the capitol, the buildings immediately adjacent to it, the capitol grounds, and the capitol area;
  2. Protect, enhance, and increase the open spaces within the capitol area when deemed necessary and desirable for the improvement of the public enjoyment thereof;
  3. Develop proper approaches to the capitol area for pedestrian movement, the highway system, and mass transit system so that the area achieves its maximum importance and accessibility; and
  4. Establish a flexible framework for growth of the capitol buildings which will be in keeping with the spirit of the original design." ( - 2014 Minnesota Statutes - Chapter 15B, Subdivision 1.(a))"

Congratulations, Michael!