It's Back to School: Check Out Courses Being Taught by PVN Staff

PVN's Michael Bjornberg and Tamara Ludt will be headed back to school this fall, teaching courses at the University of Minnesota College of Design


Michael is a Professor in Practice at the College of Design, and this fall he is revisiting a course he taught last year entitled: Harlem: Preservation & Gentrification. The course runs from October 24 to December 13, 2017.

A summary of the course is as follows:

"The BDA Workshop will examine the relationship of preservation and gentrification using the Harlem neighborhood of New York City as a study area. With its numerous historic structures, rich cultural histories, and location adjacent to Central Park – it is a neighborhood subject to preservation and renewal. We will try to answer the question: can preservation and renewal occur in this unique historic neighborhood while maintaining its community, heritage and not succumb to wholesale gentrification? We will research Harlem's history and develop intervention strategies."
American architecture MNHS.png

Tamara is an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Minnesota, and she will be co-teaching American Architecture with Professor Kate Solomonson

A summary of the American Architecture course is as follows:

"Through lectures, readings, discussion, and research, we will analyze buildings and spaces—architect designed and vernacular—in the context of social, political, economic, technological, and ecological change. As we address these issues, we will examine the ways design and daily life, performed locally, interacted with national and global systems and flows; and the role the built environment has played in advancing structures and concepts of class, gender, race, ethnicity, and power. Students will gain a broad familiarity with the history of American buildings and landscapes, develop critical frameworks for analysis, and enhance their understanding of the environments they interact with every day—as designers, citizens, consumers, and professionals."