Finance & Commerce publishes 'Rehab of Hollywood Theater may start this summer'

Finance & Commerce published an article on May 29th titled "Rehab of Hollywood Theater may start this summer." Preservation Design Works' Meghan Elliott, Miles Mercer of the City of Minneapolis, and Denis Gardner of the State Historic Preservation Office are all quoted in the article.

"The project will stabilize and “prepare the building for ultimate redevelopment,” said Meghan Elliott."
Miles Mercer, business development lead for the City of Minneapolis, says of the Hollywood rehabilitation: "We are very optimistic now.” 
"Mercer said the State Historic Preservation Office has already reviewed the plans. The city’s Heritage Preservation Commission is expected to review the project at its June 9 meeting, he added."
"Denis Gardner, a National Register historian for the Minnesota Historical Society, said in an email that the theater exemplifies the “patterns and trends of movie theater ownership and development in the years between World War I and World War II...The Hollywood is a reflection of that era.""

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