Project Overview

Ryan Companies US, Inc. recently had the opportunity to work with Meghan and her team for the first time on a historic project. We found the company to be very knowledgeable, extremely responsive, possess great communication skills, produce comprehensive and professional documentation and to be totally service-focused. We subsequently have awarded additional work to the firm. Working with Meghan and her team has been an enjoyable experience and we look forward to building even a stronger relationship.
— Bob Parr, Ryan Companies, Director of Development

PVN was retained by a developer to document the history of the Star Tribune building prior to its demolition. When faced with the demolition of an historic resource, historic building documentation is one step in mitigating the loss. 

PVN, acting as project manager for the documentation, developed a narrative of the business and social history that satisfied both the City of Minneapolis and the developer’s requirements for documentation. PVN’s research team constructed this narrative history through extensive archival research and prepared an annotated bibliography to guide future research and help scholars identify and locate source material. The building documentation also included the production of archival quality photographs of the building.

The final report is a valuable tool that can help researchers, historians, and community members understand a city’s past. PVN is uniquely positioned to bring added value to documentation projects, as our interdisciplinary staff combines historical consultants and researchers, historical architects, and expertise in city planning, structural engineering, and construction history. PVN’s research team meets the Professional Qualification Standards in History, Architectural History, and Historic Architecture.